The current name of our exhibition center is agrokomplex NATIONAL EXHIBITION CENTER, State Enterprise – it is one of the most important trade fair and exhibition centers in Slovakia with more than 40 years of experience with traditional, innovative, but mainly unique events.

The mission of our enterprise in the field of exhibitions is to promote communication between the companies and entrepreneurs and their existing and potential customers at the national and international level. Furthermore, it is to foster the international trade and economic, scientific and technological cooperation by organizing trade fairs and exhibitions in its own premises and national expositions of the Slovak Republic abroad. The exhibition activities are focusing on creating the communication opportunities for professional and general public by providing space for entertainment, cultural and social events. The enterprise includes the Slovak Agricultural Museum and exhibition fields. The exposures of the museum span across an area of about 8 900 m2. The museum also includes an open-air section, the railway and the library. The total area of the museum premises is in excess of 30 hectares. In the field of museum work, our mission is to examine the historical development of agriculture on the basis of the existing collections and provide the information about it to the general public, and maintain the existing and create new exposures and knowledge bases.

Our exhibition center has a long-lasting reputation in international business circles. It is member of the Central European Fair Alliance (CEFA), European Federation of Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers (Eumabois) and others.

The idea of establishing an exhibition center for the promotion of the agro-food complex emerged at the Ministry of Agriculture. The history of our organization dates back to 1973 – in order to increase the effectiveness of promotion of agriculture and its special-purpose activities, the Exposition of Agricultural and Food Industry was founded on January 1, 1973. After the handover of the exhibition premises into use in 1974, the enterprise was incorporated into MSCPV, o.p. (Property of the permanent nation-wide agricultural exhibition) in Nitra, Slovakia. Following the decision of the Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Slovak Socialist Republic, a special-purpose organization Agrokomplex Exhibition Center with 380 employees was founded within the permanent nation-wide agricultural exhibition in Nitra with effect from 1.1. 1976. The original focus of the then Agrokomplex was primarily didactic and educational. Seminars, competitions and lectures during the exhibition helped to improve the agricultural industry. The highlights from this period included the progressive projects of orchard architecture and soil care, and modern forms of crop and livestock production. Utmost attention was paid to the latest inventions in agricultural mechanization. The first year of the didactic-educational exhibition Agrokomplex was attended by 53 exhibitors. The fifth year welcomed 131 companies. In 2007, there were more than 600.  In 1989, a contributory organization Agrokomplex – Exhibition Center Nitra was founded by the decision of the Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Slovak Socialist Republic. This period made way to a series of new fair themes and the didactic-educational focus of the exhibition turned into a commercial one with the aim of creating a modern, information-oriented exhibition and trade fair events focusing on the market. Large fair projects were launched, the most successful of which are focused on furniture and living, mechanical engineering, welding, metallurgy and casting, construction technology, gardening, automotive industry, forestry and woodworking technology.

As of January 1, 2008, the exhibition center has adopted a new legal form – Agrokomplex Exhibition Center Nitra, State Enterprise.

Since January 9, 2017, the trade name of the company changed to agrokomplex NATIONAL EXHIBITION CENTER, State Enterprise


agrokomplex NATIONAL EXHIBITION CENTER, State Enterprise, focuses on the following objectives:

  • Internationalization of event and use of the growth potential of foreign trade
  • Modernization and improvement of the quality of services for exhibitors and visitors


Foundation of Exposition of Agricultural and Food Industry


Special-Purpose Organization Agrokomplex Exhibition Center


Contributory Organization Agrokomplex Exhibition Center Nitra


Agrokomplex Exhibition Center Nitra, State Enterprise


agrokomplex NATIONAL EXHIBITION CENTER, State Enterprise

Business name: agrokomplex NÁRODNÉ VÝSTAVISKO, š.p.

Head office: Výstavná 4, 949 01 Nitra, Slovakia

ID number: 36 855 642

VAT number: 2022506651

Business register: District Court Nitra, Section: Pš, Item no.: 10007/ N