BUS SHOW – Healthy Transport is the very first, innovative transport fair of its kind in Slovakia. The second show will take place at the Agrokomplex National Fairgrounds in Nitra from 11th to 13th February 2020. “Healthy Transport” does not only emphasise the acute need to operate vehicles with purely ecological, emission-free operation, but also to seek new “healthy” and efficient driving methods and public transport organisation. At present, transport is a burning social issue that immediately concerns every citizen in the country.
The fair will present state-of-the-art vehicles designed for road public transportation. There will also be expositions on advanced technologies in the field of transport management, and information and passenger systems. The fair provides an opportunity to show a large spectrum of products related to transport operation, service and repair technology, spare parts and accessories, petrochemical products, lubricants, tyres and more.

Objectives of the Fair

The new timeless transport systems with highly efficient operation in Western Europe are an inspiration for Slovakia and should be presented at the BUS SHOW, Healthy Transport Fair. The City of Nitra and the Agrokomplex National Fairgrounds should become an important centre for organising, periodically recurring, important fair events focused on public transport. The goal is to show how to put the latest trends in the city, intercity and long-distance transport in action and how to implement the Smart City traffic programmes. The BUS SHOW Fair strives to engage exhibitors from the industry and to attract a large expert audience.


E BUS3000

is a programme for the support of electromobility development in Slovak public transport and it includes an international conference that will take place at the 2nd Slovak BUS SHOW Healthy Transport Fair in the Congress Centre, Hall K, at the Agrokomplex National Faigrounds in Nitra on 11 February 2020. Electromobility in public transport is one of the fundamental topics of the BUS SHOW, Healthy Transport Fair.

Intelligent Transport Systems (IQTS)

is a conference that focuses on the dynamic development of mass travel and on intelligent electronic systems and technologies. It will present timeless projects for efficient public transport management. Digitalisation and introduction of new electronic systems significantly increases transport efficiency and performance. The Intelligent Transport Systems (IQTS) Conference offers a unique environment for introducing optimal transport solutions to the representatives of transport companies and the leaders of municipalities and cities in Slovakia.


1   Buses
1/1   City and Intercity Buses
1/2   Chartered Buses
1/3   Minibuses
1/4   Buses with Alternative Drive
1/5   Special Buses

2   Service Equipment and Accessories (jacks, tyre services, tools, paintwork, diagnostics, complete service equipment, accessories)
3   Information and Passenger Systems
4   Components and Parts (engines, brakes, gearboxes, retarders, air-conditioning, heating)
5   Tyres
6   Chemical Products, Cleaning Equipment and Agents, Washers
7   Fuel, Oil, Filling Pumps
8   CNG/LNG – Distributors, Filling Stations
9   Electromobility, Distributors, Charging Stations
10   Transport Services, Travel Agencies
11   Technical Literature – Schools, Magazines, Media
12   Financial and Insurance Services
13   Veterans, History of Transportation


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